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How Does Ceramiden Work?

... and Do They Really Work?

What Are Phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides are a plant-derived equivalent of ceramides. They’re the non-animal-sourced version of the lipid molecule found in our skin. Clinical studies have shown Phytoceramides can help you regain healthy, happy skin by boosting the levels of collagen, moisture, elastin and antioxidants found in your skin’s outer layer.

Why Pills Over Creams?

Creams work superficially to hydrate the skin whereas phytoceramides taken internally hydrate your skin from the inside out. This results in a more powerful way of getting the age-defying, wrinkle-smoothing benefits of phytoceramides.

How Does Ceramiden Work?

Ceramiden contains 350mg of wheat based phytoceramides along with Vitamins A, C, D and E. Our skin contains lipids called Ceramides, responsible for creating a barrier that reduced infection and helps retain moisture. As we age the level of ceramides decrease resulting in less elasticity, increased susceptibility to dermatitis and water loss in turn leaving behind wrinkles and dull skin.

Phytoceramides contain plant based ceramides similar to those naturally found in your skin. Clinical studies have shown phytoceramides to be highly effective in hydrating and plumping the skin while penetrating the outermost layer of the epidermis. On top of this the additional vitamins in Ceramiden help maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones and soft tissue.

In a nutshell, Ceramiden works from the inside out to restore and rejuvenate your skin!

What Clinical Studies Say About Phytoceramides

Clinical studies have shown that phytoceramides improve skin health while increasing immune system support and brain function. They also state conclusively that when presribed a wheat-based phytoceramide, skin hydration is significantly increased with.

Keep reading to learn more on how phytoceramides work.

Real Ceramiden Testimonials and Reviews

Results Not Typical and May Vary

"Ceramiden is just what I was looking for"

"I have tried creams, moisturizers, you name it. These little white pills have done more for my skin than anything I have ever tried! Not only does my skin look better, I have also noticed an increase in energy, probably from the extra vitamins it contains. You have a customer for life!"

Omaha, NE

"Almost wrinkle free!"

"I hate aging :( getting old really sucks. Thankfully my friend turned me on to Ceramiden. After 2 weeks I started noticing results but thought it was all in my mind. How could a pill make your skin better I thought...well think again, now 2 months later I have never looked better!"

Visalia, CA

"Ceramiden simply works"

"I had never heard of Phytoceramides or Ceramiden for that matter until just a few weeks ago. I have been taking it since getting my 3 month supply in the mail. My boyfriend actually noticed that my skin feels softer and less oily. I'll keep taking it to see how much better my skin can get."

Provo, UT

"I look 10 years younger"

"2 friends and I bought 3 bottles of Ceramiden (we did the buy 2 get 1 free deal to save money). I started noticing significant results within a few weeks. This product has exceeded my expectations, and is one of the only products I have tried that actually works."

Athens, GA

PLEASE NOTE: While real consumers like you reported the following results after using Ceramiden, each testimonial merely represents the personal experience of the particular consumer and should not be interpreted as an endorsement that you will achieve the same results. Each consumer's experience is different, and different consumers experience different results.

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